May 2016


Common Types of Touch Screens

Touch-screen technology is the new wave of computer engineering, and it’s improving the human to computer interaction every day. The convenience of shedding that old mouse and keyboard is allowing more and more industries to adopt touch screen applications. System automation, point-of-sale (POS), promotional kiosks, and consumer electronics are just a few examples of the impact of touch screen technology. There are many types of touch screens all with their own advantages and disadvantages.


The Challenges of Managing a Supply Chain

Even the most proficient supply chain maestros can fall victim to unforeseen global pitfalls. Advances in technology has opened markets to provide a cost-effective climate for sourcing your products, and the consequence is an increased volatility in pricing. Many political, environmental and unanticipated events will create complexities in a global pipeline and result in a loss of productivity and revenue. Learn from these scenarios in risk management to overcome the greatest challenges for your brand and bottom line.