5 Reasons to Use a Service Center

Fighting with manufacturers about what damage under the service contract is covered is not a process for the faint of heart. Here are five examples why you should consider an independent repair shop to handle your service needs.

1. Warranties don’t cover much. A survey done by Consumer Reports found that only 15 percent of products were covered by the manufacturer’s regular warranty when they broke. Of that 15 percent, 10 were under extended warranty contracts. The median cost of the contracts was $136, compared to $152 price for repair; the owner didn’t save much money.

2. People are more satisfied with their service. The mainstay for manufacturers is sales. However, service quickly follows. Manufacturers often contact independent service centers to complete service requirements because of their focus. A third party repair shop invests more resources into providing a superior repair process.

3. Repairs cost less. The costs of repairing your product should be less than half the price of a new item. This formula identifies when the repair process will maximize savings potential. Many independent repair shops offer free quotes, use that information to consider your next step.

4. Consumer goods are complex. The intricacy of electronic products such as All-In-One displays and digital signage generate the need for a professionally trained technician. Advanced repair services such as component repair (PCB repair), backlight/LCD monitor repair, and other common display problems require a level of end to end support that some manufacturers might abandon.

5. You keep electronics out of landfills. Fixing your broken device eliminates waste and protects the environment. Most of the time, if the independent repair shop cannot fix your product they will offer a recycle/scrap option. The center will then effectively recycle your product instead of leaving it to waste.

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