7 Of Our Favorite Tech News Resources

Finding the latest news for all things electronics is a skill. There are hundreds of websites and blogs that have reliable and relevant information. We have compiled a list websites that we like best and think will help you find the best tech news out there. The list is in no particular order; we like all of these websites for everything tech.

Tech Crunch. Tech Crunch is an excellent resource for everything brand new, covering a multitude of technology news spanning from new startups to mobile gadgets. They currently host a technology conference every year showcasing everything new in technology for the year. The also provide a list of any significant technology events held throughout the year.

PC Mag. PC Mag is much more opinion-driven but still offers comprehensive and unbiased news as well. Here you can find great product reviews on the newest laptops, comparisons of the top smartphone models, and much more. PC Mag is a great place to research any future purchases. They provide excellent reviews that break down everything for the buyer’s research process. Check out their how-to section for anything tech.

WIRED. WIRED takes a step back and looks at broader subjects and how technology relates. They tie technology news into multiple aspects of today’s society including entertainment, business, technology in science, and technology design. If you are looking for product reviews on the latest tablets, they have that too, under their “gear” section. Learn how technology is impacting today’s businesses or how technology in science is ever expanding and what is over the horizon.

Forbes. Forbes is a large entity and provides news for anything business. They are also an excellent resource for the business side of technology. For the more business savvy, Forbes can keep you informed on the state of the technology market. Is Apple outperforming Android in sales for 2015? Forbes can give insight and information on this, plus much more.

IGN. IGN Tech is your resource for everything gaming. From gaming on a PS4 to designing games on a PC, IGN is one of the biggest websites for video game news. Gaming aside, they also give great insight into the up and coming gadgets and tech hardware.

TechRadar. Tech Radar is similar to a PC Mag but is much more review driven. Tech Radar offers reviews on wearable tech, smartphones, desktops, and even automobile technology.

Reddit. Reddit is a website that allows users to post content on literally anything. They have what is called “Sub-Reddits”. Sub-Reddits are a particular subject users can post about. There are 100’s of “official” Sub-Reddits for technology and technology news. Forewarning, approach Reddit with a grain of salt. There are users out there that have no idea what they are talking about or are toxic enough to post incorrect information. Aside from that, you will be able to find very original information. Most users are not out there to hurt or miss-lead you. Reddit users can be very knowledgeable on a particular subject. Some Sub-Reddits even have informative videos and GIFs to help with anything technology.

We frequent these sources often to stay up-to-date, and we think they will help you too. Do not limit yourself to just these resources, thousands of websites can assist you with anything technology. And remember, check out The Savvy Tech to stay informed technology and logistics.

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