POS Maintenance


5 Tips to Extend the Life of Your POS System

Sometimes we all get angry at our Point of Sale systems; when the touch isn’t working correctly, the MSR dies, or the display won’t stay on. I’ve seen thousands of POS systems come in for a variety of reasons, here’s a list of maintenance must do’s to ensure your systems stay operational.


Are You Experiencing These Common Display Problems?

Today’s markets demand a variety of display and Point of Sale solutions that range from industrial to commercial terminals, and there are glitches with any product. Use this list to identify a problem description and get your hardware off the sidelines.


Cutting Costs – The Benefit of Repairing a POS System

Repairing a point of sale system, rather than replacing, is an effective method to cut cost from a company’s equipment overhead. POS terminals are everywhere from casinos to restaurants to even local grocery stores. All these industries deal with the challenge of cutting costs without sacrificing quality. Companies have many expenses, and handling equipment failure is one of them. When their

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Do You Need Your LCD Repaired?

When your display turns pink, cuts out after a few seconds, or doesn’t show any picture, your backlights are out. This common problem can be repaired at a relatively small cost when compared to that of buying a new panel or terminal.