Are You Experiencing These Common Display Problems?

Today’s markets demand a variety of display and Point of Sale solutions that range from industrial to commercial terminals, and there are glitches with any product. Use this list to identify a problem description and get your hardware off the sidelines.


7 Of Our Favorite Tech News Resources

Finding the latest news for all things electronics is a skill. There are hundreds of websites and blogs that have reliable and relevant information. We have compiled a list websites that we like best and think will help you find the best tech news out there. The list is in no particular order; we like all of these websites for everything tech.


Common Types of Touch Screens

Touch-screen technology is the new wave of computer engineering, and it’s improving the human to computer interaction every day. The convenience of shedding that old mouse and keyboard is allowing more and more industries to adopt touch screen applications. System automation, point-of-sale (POS), promotional kiosks, and consumer electronics are just a few examples of the impact of touch screen technology. There are many types of touch screens all with their own advantages and disadvantages.



With new HDTV’s and monitors coming out every day, you may find yourself wondering what the difference is between LCD and LED displays. This article will provide a better understanding of the differences between the two displays.


What is a Return Material Authorization (RMA)?

You’re at home using your 3-month-old tablet and all of a sudden your screen goes black. You try everything to get it to work, but nothing brings the display back to life. It is now time to contact your warranty provider and have the tablet repaired. The first step in any warranty repair process is to create a return material

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Common Repair Practices To Avoid

Repairing your electronic device is a time consuming and complicated process. Fixing your electronic device correctly saves time and money for companies and end users alike. To complete a repair process, one must have a good knowledge of the equipment, tools, and work instructions. Here are five common poor repair practices that will result in a failed repair.


Tech Holiday Gifts That Everyone Will Enjoy

Finding the perfect gift for the tech-conscious can be a daunting task. Here are a few ideas for gifts, that range from streaming devices to motorcycle helmets, to put under the tree. Drones are quickly becoming the most popular consumer electronic device of 2015. A remote device operates the flying system quickly navigates through tight spaces, some equipped with cameras

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