Cutting Costs – The Benefit of Repairing a POS System

Repairing a point of sale system, rather than replacing, is an effective method to cut cost from a company’s equipment overhead. POS terminals are everywhere from casinos to restaurants to even local grocery stores. All these industries deal with the challenge of cutting costs without sacrificing quality.

Companies have many expenses, and handling equipment failure is one of them. When their POS system goes down, they have to decide whether to purchase a new system or send out the existing unit for repair.

There are many ways a POS system can get damaged. Scratches on the touch screen, customer abuse, cosmetic damage, and even those occasional coffee spills! With new touch screen monitors ranging from $200-$1500 and entire POS systems costing even more, companies are looking for every opportunity to reduce equipment overhead.

A POS system repair can cost a fraction compared to replacing the unit. If you’re worried about time? An excellent service center can have a system fixed in about the same time as a manufacturer shipping out a new product.

Companies everywhere are finding ways to minimize costs. A POS system repair is another way to reduce a corporation’s overhead while maintaining equipment essential to a company’s workflow.

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