Why We Love Component Repair (And You Should Too!)

When it comes to customer satisfaction, efficiency is critical. An efficient service center repairs products despite problems that range from lead times to discontinued parts. Component, or printed circuit board (PCB), repair plays a tremendous role in fixing unique and costly products that range from All-In-One Displays to printers. Learn why we love component level repair and how you can benefit from this service.

1. A quick turn-around time.When opting for component level repair the process involves fixing the PCB and not swapping for new parts. Typically trading for new boards will be a quick process, however, out of stock situations and long lead times add days or weeks to TAT times. Component level repair bypasses these issues by repairing original parts by re-soldering/replacing circuit chips, capacitors and other aspects of the PCB.

2. Broad range of capabilities. PCB repair produces a terrific yield with a variety of board types. Because Surface-Mount-Technology equipment trouble-shoots failed circuits, the repair is not a product specific process. The outcome is materials ranging from the end of life parts to new technologies are timely diagnosed and repaired.

3. Improve failure prone products. Identifying and resolving weak points in circuits improve the performance of the products. Nothing is more problematic for a product than a design flaw. Design flaws render components useless, often overheating and shorting out. Troubleshooting these problematic areas, through a PCB repair specialist, and relaying the information to the manufacturer decreases the return rate and improves customer satisfaction.

4. Saves you money. When the cost of replacement parts exceeds half of the products value it becomes an uneconomical repair. The cost of a new part can exceed this formula for economical servicing. The price of a new chip, capacitor, or stencil used in component repairs is significantly less than the costs of new parts. The value of PCB repair changes with the product; seek a professional service center to find out what program is right for you.

5. Reduce waste. Component level repair eliminates the need to replace an entire board (or part). Instead of throwing away entire parts, small pieces such as capacitors and chips are recycled, reducing the environmental footprint of your repair process.

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